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Our Most Popular Virtual Team Building All Over The World

Nowadays, virtual and remote team-building has established itself as a real alternative to face-to-face event. Whether for health reasons, or simply to bring together geographically distant teams, Air TeamBuilding activities allow to strengthen the cohesion of your team more than ever! 

In this sanitary crisis period, working from home is most often recommended and favored by companies for their employees. However, this way of working from home can easily decline and break social links, friendliness, motivation and team cohesion. Air TeamBuilding is 100% specialized in remote Team Building activities. Because online team building is much different than in-person team building we do our best to sastifay and surpise you ! These virtual and remote animations are fun, engaging and especially designed for working from home, using video-conference. The virtual remote event is also a great solution for organizing your international events. With Air Teambuilding, meeting your employees from around the world become easier !

We offer you the possibility of living a Virtual Cluedo with your colleagues!

Investigations, interrogations, interactions, search for clues, everything will be there. An experience not to be missed!

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Because the current period gives us more time to cook, try your hand at a very convivial culinary challenge. You will receive your culinary box directly at home and will be able to cook with the Chef in video-conference! your plates will be graded according to your dressage before savoring your creations in the company of your team!

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Workshops that come to your screens … as if by magic, to have a pleasant and fun time. What to expect

  • The show: In the first part, let yourself be carried away by the show! We perform in front of you impactful and fun tours.
  • The workshop: Now let’s practice! In the second part, we teach you different tricks that are easy to do whatever your level. Guaranteed effect!
  • Support: Following the webinar, you will receive video support if you wish to rework the towers we have seen together.
free quote - answer in less than 3 hours

Choose Air Team Building virtual activities to motivate and engage your remote teams !

If you are a manager, motivation and engagement for your remote teams must be a TOP priority. Your remote employees will be entire part of company culture – just by being involved, they will feel valued.
The new virtual Team Building activities we offer can be done by your remote teams from home - or from office - using videoconference tools like Teams or Zoom. If your employees work from home or from different places, remote teambuilding is the best solution to boost themselves through various games and challenges. People of your teams will have great fun together. Therefore, it’s an activity that is both original and collaborative while remaining at home, which will help to recreate good communication within the group, between your team members. You will find here a list of various ideas for remote Team Building activities that we recommend you and which will allow you to recreate links between your remote teams : culture challenge, musical quizz, virtual escape game, murder party, blind test, poker tournament, cooking lessons, dancing challenge, magic show…
These various virtual remote team building events are very easy to set up for everyone in your teams. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and that’s all, you can launch the virtual Team Building remotely !

If you are an employee you were certainly used to make a break, take a cofee or have a good time with another person or team member during your working day at company’s office. Virtual Team Building is something very simple and try to replace these physical moments by virtual meetings using various ressources : video, chat or call applications.

For the business managers, the goal is to create good relationship, collaboration and cohesion between every one inside the company (employees, workers, business partners...)

In most of these activities a game master will supervise the animation and ensure that all participants can have the best possible fun. Our Air Team Building team will be happy to help you to set up the best animation for your remote Team Building event, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized support. Also note that these events are not reserved for the confinement period, you can organize them between your remote employees and teams throughout the year.

Also, if you want to set up a remote Team building activity for your profesionnal meeting you can try it for free.

Keep the links and reconnect to your remote teams !

If you want to start good relationships with your remote employees, you need to know how to provide them some good fun ! And that things are possible, even if they work from home. Air Team Building give you some easy ways to motivate your team workers and recreate link inside your team.

We want to share you different kinds of virtual meetings.

Escape game : build the best team, read the story, solve the puzzles and find the treasure of the secret island ! This activity include a game master who will supervise the game for a better virtual  experience.

Murder party : this remote activity always needs a very good communication between the participants. They will ask, think, talk, share, read… in order to find all the little clues that will lead to the guilty.

Magic webinar : you want to learn some magic tricks ? We recommand you sharing a magic show with your remote teams. All people will participate and see how to do the best magic tricks !

Team Cooking : learn how to cook from home with a talented chef is a very good thing to get to know better your team workers and build important links and connections with them. This last Team Building will teach you how to cook a recipe with shared ingredients or anything you have in your fridge !

If you want to schedule one of this virtual meetings you are free to contact us. We are specialized in physical and virtual Team Building from years.

We also provide some good tips on our social media pages (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blog, google youtube channel…), we invite you to have a look on our ressources like picture, photo, post, video and others.