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Interactive Quiz

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 3000 p.
All languages
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With our different digital quiz packages, participants can play each from their home, in front of their computer and / or their tablet or phone, alone or in groups, in live or stand alone.

The quiz can be on the theme of your choice, with the possibility to integrate questions about your company !

We offer several concepts, in order to meet the different existing needs. The package to select will depend on the characteristics of your event and the objectives you are looking for through this quiz.

How it works ?

Participants will receive an email before starting the animation, with a link to the game application.

ou can choose between 4 packages :

#1 : Standard

  • Players all participate in the quiz at the same time, regardless of their number
  • Supervision by a facilitator in videoconference mode
  • Participants can talk each other

#2 : One window

  • The players all take part in the quiz at the same time
  • Supervision by a facilitator in videoconference mode

#3 : Tournament

  • Quiz looks like a tournament, session of 4 teams maximum at the same time
  • Supervision by a facilitator in videoconference mode
  • Participants see each other and agree to play

#4 : Stand alone

  • Players take the quiz whenever they want
  • Autonomous animation without supervision

Why this activity ?

Although this animation is 100% digital, this kind of challenge is still very popular with players, due to its interactive gameplay.


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