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Our best Virtual And Remote Escape Games

You want to provide fun, playful and original moments to your employees remotely ? Try now our virtual remote escape game ! The game concept's of the game is the same like a physical escape game. The main difference is that you can play online with your remote teams. Remote Team Building is a new, exciting and fresh format that will bring you all the fun of a regular escape game from anywhere in the world !

Arctic Survival

Test your virtual survival instincts in a race against time. Work together with your team to crack the code, find your location and complete the rescue mission!

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Virtual Escape

Remote teams must complete a series of cryptic tasks, riddles and puzzles, with the goal of escaping our virtual room!

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Play our Escape Games with your remote teams from anywhere !

Our remote adventures allow you to play with all your employees, no matter where they are : they can easily take part in the game from home, from the office or from abroad.
To complete their mission, your remote workers would need to pick up clues in their digital dashboard to solve puzzles. They will pool their skills, communicate, overcome challenges, investigate and try to escape from the virtual room.
A game master will guide and supervise the virtual escape game to provide to your company the best remote experience possible.
Several escape game scenarios are available, and the good news is that you can try it for free ! For an original and successful remote meeting, you can now contact Air Team Building’s teams. All our virtual escape games are in english (more languages optional).