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Bread Making Masterclass

3 x 30 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
Up to 35 p.
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Guests join our expert bread chef in his virtual bakery and reconnect with each other whilst learning how to make their own bread.

There is no need to worry about the flour shortage or braving the supermarket! We’ll do the shopping for you and a kit of ingredients and equipment will be sent out in the post prior to the event.

How it works ?

The activity takes place in 3 sessions over 3.5 hours, with breaks to allow for proving and baking times, making it the perfect activity to run alongside meeting sessions and corporate updates.

At the end of the activity, guests present their loaves to the rest of the group and, as an optional fun finale, our chef can judge the star baker and a prize can be sent out in the post.

We require a 2 week lead time for this activity Requirements:

All guests will need access to your videoconference app, water, kitchen surface or area where they can prepare their dough and use of an oven.


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