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Our best Virtual and Remote Quizzes and Challenges

The Quiz is one of the best Team Building activity, and also very easy to set up for remote employees ! We have adapted our regular quizzes into virtual ones, using a video conference application. These remote quizzes are very adaptable, depending on the number of participants and your needs. 100% fun time guaranteed !

Funny Team Quiz

Our Team Quiz Challenge was designed to replace the after work social, encouraging teams to let their hair down and have a laugh!


Christmas Festive Social

Go virtual this festive season with our brand new Festive Frenzy activity! Packed full of interactive, festive-themed trivia – we’ll have you singing Bing Crosby before you know it!


Mission 3.0

Mission 3.0 is an original challenge around the theme of digital, allowing to rediscover the spirit of rallies, but without moving.


The Big Quiz

This online quiz specially designed to provide a team-building remote solution, allowing participants to come together in remote teams and answer a series of questions.


Choose among our best virtual quizzes for your next remote event !

Our remote quizzes will provide you a lot of fun and a very relaxing moment, very far from your daily work. They will allow you to get to know yourself better, to release the pressure, to call on your imagination and creativity. Also, organizing a corporate virtual quiz is a stimulating and fun way to reveal the talents of your employees and to strengthen cohesion within your remote team. And all of these will be beneficial for your business !
AirTeamBuilding offers you different quiz thematics for your next virtual meeting : karaoke or music quiz, culture quiz, sport quiz, cinema quiz, multi quiz...
We can also recommend a personalized quiz for your remote teams. Indeed, we can adapt the challenges and questions of the quiz to your company. Your remote employees will feel more involved in the challenge !
If you are interested, Air Team Building’s teams will help you to set up an unforgettable virtual quiz animation for your company. We remind you that you can try this virtual Team Building for free !