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Mission 3.0

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 1000 p.
English, French
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The Mission 3.0 is an original challenge around the theme of digital, allowing to rediscover the spirit of rallies, but without moving. This animation lasts from 1h00 to 1h30 (modular), allows participants to play as a team, even remotely, each at home or at work, and simply requires being in front of his computer and his smartphone.

The objective of the challenge is to solve the maximum number of challenges and puzzles online, by collecting information through various digital means (websites, apps, augmented reality), but also by managing the organization of missions with the members of his team.

An original animation to better discover the digital world. A team game requiring cohesion to achieve its objectives.

Pitch :

One of our best officers disappeared without any news or trace. Yet, he had no mission at the moment.

Go looking for the clues scattered at his home and in several cities of the world to find him…

How it works ?

From Facebook to Dropbox, Youtube and Twitter, from classic vision to augmented reality, discover the digital world 3.0.

Why this activity ?

This digital and interactive activity is ideal for team cohesion.

Team building is the perfect solution for recreate a link between your employees, motivate your common goals and quickly get your business back on track !  


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