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Team Cooking : Cook'N'Live

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 100 p.
English, French
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Cook’n Live is an online cooking class specially designed to provide a fun remote solution to businesses in this time of health crisis. It allowing participants to interact with each other without leaving their homes, and to prepare simple but original dishes at home, to reproduce for loved ones, whether it is a single dish or several bites.

How it works ?

✓ Goods kits prepared and delivered by us : prior to the event, we will send to the home of each participant (or delivery to a single point) a kit of the ingredients necessary for the planned recipe.

✓ Purchase of goods by participants : prior to the event, participants will receive the list of necessary ingredients and will take care of purchasing them.

Whatever solution is chosen, each participant will receive by email the list of basic cooking tools to get (present in any individual kitchen) along with the outline of the course.

On the day of the event, the budding cooks will meet on video via the app of your choice (Skype, Teams, Slack or Zoom) on which the Chef, assisted by an animator, will join them for a general briefing followed by the cooking lessons.

It is therefore live from a kitchen that the Chef will direct the participants during the successive phases of the recipe(s) while filming his actions and answering each other’s questions (interactively up to 20 people but by the chat beyond).

At the end of the preparation and presentation phase, the group and the Chef will taste the dishes while debriefing the activity. The recipe sheets will be sent by email to all participants so that they can reproduce them.

Why this activity ?

  • The definition of these recipes beforehand with you (1 single dish or several bites)
  • Goods kit formula (if selected): delivery of a product kit to the home of each participant
  • Provision of a list of equipment and instructions for use to each participant
  • The course taught exclusively by a Chef via the video conference app of your choice and on the time slot of your choice
  • The assistance of the chef by a facilitator
  • The situation of the Chef in a kitchen with all the products and the necessary equipment


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