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Murder Party #Stay@Home

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 1000 p.
English, French
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Working together and remotely, using modern video-conferencing and information-sharing means, participants will have to solve this online investigation and find the perpetrator of this crime.

Based on the scenario presented to them, they will be able to question the various suspects, whose interrogation reports will be available in video.

They will collectively analyze all the elements gathered during the challenge to elucidate the mystery.

Each team will have to be consistent and cohesive in order to optimize its work and give the name of the assassin, his motive, as well as the weapon used.


The Pitch: 

Violette Leduc, called Viola, 26 years old,  was found dead at her home,  fallen across the bed…

Her bathrobe was on the floor between the bathroom and the bedroom….

Falling from the bedside table next to his bed, we discovered a massive silver candle holder.

Who killed Violette? With what weapon and motive was the murderer?

How it works ?

Each participant receives an email with the technical details and the login information for the day of the meeting. On D-Day, the link received will allow players to open a window for setting up and a “videoconference” meeting, to follow the facilitator’s presentation and view the main game information.

Why this activity ?

This digital and interactive activity is ideal for team cohesion. 

During this survey, you will have the opportunity to observe the development of  curiosity, understanding and mutual assistance of your team.

Team building is the perfect solution for recreate a link between your employees, motivate your common goals and quickly get your business back on track ! 


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