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Treasure Hunt : Escape Game

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 3000 p.
English & French
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The Treasure Hunt is a digital game that is played as a team (up to 5 players per team, unlimited number of teams).

The objective: Find the treasure of a mysterious island before the other teams. To do this, players have 60 minutes to solve riddles as a team (adaptable playing time).

The teams compete with each other: the team’s score depends on the number of correct answers, but also on the time it takes to solve the riddles.

How it works ?

  • Each participant receives an email for the quest
  • Team members connect simultaneously through the video conferencing solution of their choice (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet…)
  • Each team member opens and logs in to the game app
  • Players solve the riddles together as fast as possible using the file received by email and the scan function of the game app
  • Each team member enters the answer on the application to validate each step of the game

Why this activity ?

The challenge for companies today:

  • Maintain a link between the teams, despite the distances
  • Include all company employees in this process
  • Strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company to create the commitment and motivation, necessary today and with a view to the recovery


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