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Crazy Escape #Stay@Home

60 min
Teams - Zoom - Google Meet
from 10 to 300 p.
English & French
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Year 2030. The Green Impulse, the first subsonic shuttle, operating without fossil fuel, is about to take off. It’s the big day at the Green Academy. Trained in our school of elite pilots, the participants will pass their degree. At the end of this review, a few elected officials will be called to direct the Green Impulse, the jewel of clean energy aviation.

Pilots will have to check all stages of the flight by unlocking challenges from 4 different categories: Board computer, Wind Expertise, Onboard Maneuver, Photovoltaic autonomy. Everyone will graduate, of course, but only the team showing the most valor will win the privilege of piloting the Green Impulse.

But beware, someone is trying to sabotage the project! At the same time, the investigation must be carried out and the culprit found in a list of suspects.

How it works ?

Participants will gather in a single video app such as Skype, Teams or Zoom, on which the stage manager will connect for a general briefing.

Then they will be divided into teams of 4 to 5 people who will have to create a new dedicated video meeting to get together on the tool of their choice to discuss during the game.

Within each team, each member, from their home, will access their computer or smartphone, using a link sent by email, to the game platform as well as to the introductory video presenting the pitch, the objectives and operation of the game.

Within each team, players will have 1 hour or more (to be determined together) to face different challenges divided into 4 levels.

Each level will contain several modules, which the teammates will have to divide among themselves to go as fast as possible and be as efficient as possible in accomplishing the missions.

They will have to answer all the questions and solve all the challenges of a level to unlock the next level, including the final module in which they will have to collaborate and make use of the unlocked elements.

Why this activity ?

Crazy Escape is an online escape game specially designed to provide a team-building solution to companies in this health crisis period. It allowing participants to assemble in teams without leaving their homes, overcome challenges and conduct a survey by pooling their skills as would be the case in a physical game.


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